Welcome to the CFO Equation!

Senior Financial Expertise at Part-time Rates.
15th June 2024



Financing and Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is key to keeping any business afloat.  Whether you are raising capital to grow or looking to increase current cash flow, I can provide the insights and services to keep your business fully funded.


  • Overhaul financial statements to meet the demands of bankers looking to finance your business
  • Establish operational policies and procedures to maximize incoming and reduce outgoing cash
  • Negotiate vendor, customer, and bank agreements to ensure they meet YOUR needs and the needs of your business

Financial Oversight

Strong financial controls are the foundation that enables a business to thrive.  Ensuring your company is poised for success, I perform a complete review of your current systems to ensure they are serving you in an efficient, effective manner.  Effective interpretation and communication of the financial side of your business means you have fewer surprises and more control.


  • Training and development of employees performing accounting/bookkeeping duties
  • Timely review and dissemination of monthly financials, ensuring accuracy and providing insight into the performance of the business
  • Creating dashboard reports to allow for a quick view into the operations, enabling you to make time-sensitive decisions with the latest data
  • Establish strong financial controls and create policies and procedures to mitigate risk

Business Strategy

I provide an in-depth analysis of your current operational procedures operational to help you determine the most efficient path to profitability.  Utilizing the knowledge gained from spending time with your team, I help you create and implement a plan to lead your organization in reaching its financial goals.


  • Budgeting and Financial Modeling to match your strategic plan
  • Profitability analysis by service or product line
  • Implementing cost-saving solutions and efficiencies

The Difference

I am not a consultant – I am a member of your team.  As such, I take a holistic, long-term view of your business.  I will be with you to implement any recommendations and help guide the process along the way.  Because I am an integral party of your organization, I do not bill hourly – services are a flat fee for which you can budget and plan.